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BinaryExpandPrint(<binary>, [<usePrefix>],[<start>],[<length>])


This function performs the same operation as BinaryExpand but instead of returning the expanded binary string, it directly prints it to the console. This allows you to view the expanded binary content directly in the console output, making it convenient for quick analysis and debugging.


<binary> The binary string to be expanded.
<usePrefix> Optional boolean value indicating whether to include the line numbers prefix. (Default: true)
<start> Optional starting position in the binary string for expansion. (Default: 0)
<length> Optional length of the portion to be expanded. (Default: Entire string)

Return Value

Success: Returns true.
Failure: Returns false.


The BinaryExpand, BinaryExpandPrint, and BinaryExpandPrintLn functions are designed to provide a comprehensive visual representation of binary data. The expanded format resembles a hex editor, displaying line numbers, hex codes (16 per line), and an accompanying snippet of ASCII characters. In situations where a binary value does not correspond to a printable character, the '.' symbol is used to indicate that the character cannot be displayed. This visual representation allows for easy analysis and interpretation of binary data, aiding in debugging, data exploration, and other related tasks.


BinaryExpand, BinaryExpandPrintLn


Show the content of a binary string:

my $bin = (Binary)"Hello World";
BinaryExpandPrint($bin, false);
// 48 65 6C 6C 6F 20 57 6F 72 6C 64 -- -- -- -- -- Hello World


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