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Class Magic Functions - Get

This allows a class to override features that try get a value such as ["key"] for example:

// define a class
class test
    my $arr;
    Function __Construct()
        $arr = array();
    Function __Get($index)
        return $arr[$index];
    Function __Set($index, $value)
        $arr[$index] = $value;

// create new instance
my $a = new test();

// use the __set function to set some values
$a["Cat"] = "Meow";
$a["Dog"] = "Woof";

// now use the __get function to return them values
say $a["Cat"];
say $a["Dog"];

// Meow
// Woof

To override everything be sure to check out GetFromEnd.

A full list of all possible magic functions can be found here.

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