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Language Reference - Datatypes


In Sputnik there is only one core datatype called an SV. A SV can be numeric or string data (And more advanced arrays/objects/classes) and decides how to use the data depending on the situation it is being used in. For example, if you try and multiply two SV variables they will be treated as numbers, if you try and concatenate (join) two SVs they will be treated as strings.

An SV is used/created in Sputnik by using the $ symbol followed by an identifier.

An identifier must contain at least one char (alphanumeric or _) then it may be followed by any amount of (alphanumeric or _) chars.

Examples are :

$_; // Valid
$Hello; // Valid
$Test100; // Valid
$10Test; // Valid
$10; // Valid
$.cat; // Invalid
$[cat; // Invalid
$£cat; // Invalid
$$cat; // Valid but we will discuss Variable Variables later

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