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Language Reference - Variables

A variable is just a place to store data in memory so that it can be accessed quickly. Think of it as a mailbox in memory that you can put information in or take information out of. For example you might create a variable to store the number a user's response to a question, or the result to a math equation.

Each variable has a identifier (or name again, similar to a mailbox) and must start with the $ character and may only contain letters, numbers and the underscore _ character.

Here are some example identifiers:

$_; // Valid
$Hello; // Valid
$Test100; // Valid
$10Test; // Valid
$10; // Valid
$.cat; // Invalid
$[cat; // Invalid
$£cat; // Invalid
$$cat; // Valid but we will discuss Variable Variables later

Each variable is stored as a SV.

All Variable Stuff:

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